Merry Belated Christmas!

Hope you all had a happy holiday season! Here we are winding up year 1 with a late Christmas blog post but I promise that we will catch up!

We went down to Old Town a bit back to try and get some holiday photos while trying to figure out how to shoot somewhere as crowded and insane as Old Town can get. I think we learned quite a bit and got to practice a variety of shots. Some worked and some didn’t but here were a few we enjoyed.



Stitched up in the bosque.

Hey again!

We had a quick and dirty family photo shoot in the bosque yesterday. Testing out gear and different lighting (we got there late and fought the setting sun.) Here’s a few of shots with some different editing settings as a test. Oh, did I mention we all dressed in full body Stitch costumes? We sure got some looks from people walking their dogs and at the market we went to afterwards but it’s all in good fun! We had a pretty good time until the sun set and the temperature dropped but it was well worth it!

Until next time,


Dulce StitchStitched PortraitFamily Stitched



Full steam ahead!

Site? Check. FB? Check. Blog? Here we are. Hard at work getting Biasform as  business up and running.

Dulce and I recently finished our first shoot in the bosque, post about that coming soon after we wrap up all the details. I think it went quite well and the pictures we came away with look pretty neat. Right now it’s about getting our workflow down as well as keeping the communication between ourselves in good working order.