Long time no see!

For the past couple of weeks the entire family has been hit with the case of the flu. We should really make it a point to get the flu shot so this doesn’t happen. Lesson learned.

But before the ick reared its ugly head on its first victim (me), I took a friend out for some fun.

Amber is a military wife and with very short notice was informed that her husband would be deployed. She had two weeks to prepare herself to be without her family for 6 months. To help her with her transition and give her a bit of comfort I took her with me to my stylist and treated her to get her hair did and some warpaint. I pulled out an old vintage high school dress and captured a few shots.

We had a blast. And doesn’t she look beautiful?


Timberlake in the timbers.

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we celebrate our blessings, by gorging in preparation for the winter and surrounding ourselves with loved ones, we are thankful for all of you for your support and belief in us.

Not so recently we had the privilege of capturing part of our family. As of late the days have gotten shorter, the wind has picked up and the cold has settled. We were very fortunate to have had such cooperative weather.

Meet my sister in law and her family. Timberlake, party of five.

Gobble gobble gobble,


Maria1Watermarked Maria2Watermarked

Cris & Tara

Congratulations to Cris and Tara! Thank you for letting us capture a part of your story!

We had a blast. The energy was right, the weather was perfect…it was kismet!

A funny story, while prepping shots Luis was approached by the fire department. Someone noticed our strobe going off and were very concerned. Needless to say the fire department ok’d the shoot.

It was a fun day.

Thanks again you gorgeous couple!


Cris & Tara Kiss Cris & Tara Road Cris & Tara Tree Portrait


Hello world!

And we are live! Our website is up! Now we just need more pictures!

We’re excited for the future and a little scared as well. But nothing is beyond our grasp when we deal with it together. Come rain or shine.. or the cold crisp weather that we’ve been currently experiencing.

Luis’ Birthday is just around the corner so hopefully we do a mini shoot in his honor.

We will keep you posted!

Til next time,